Monday, 9 May 2011

Soon You Voice May Be Charging You Phone!

The scientist, Sang-Woo Kim, has been working on converting sound into electricity, allowing the cellphone users' voices to charge their devices' batteries while they're talking,
A prototype device he used generated 50 millivolts of electricity from about 100 decibels of sound.

  The device uses tiny strands of zinc oxide placed between two electrodes, with a sound-absorbing pad on the top. The pad vibrates and moves when it's hit by sound waves,which squishes  the zinc oxide strands. The strands then spring back.
It's that movement that generates an electrical current.
Apparently, 100 decibels of sound generated 50 millivolts of electricity. One millivolt is a thousandth of a volt.

Why zinc oxide? It's a wide-band gap semiconductor.
Semiconductors have smaller band gaps than insulators. They conduct electricity at room temperature.
A band gap, also called an "energy gap," is an energy range in a solid where no electron states can exist. It generally refers to the energy difference between the top of the valence band and the bottom of the conduction band in insulators and semiconductors.

While it will be a while before it can power a phone. still a cool concept.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Tesla Speaker

This is probably the coolest thing ever, not gonna lie. There is a group of (what I can only assume are engineers or scientist) that have been using electricity to make sound, In particular music. And cooler than that is the music and sound produced by these arcs of electricity is so crisp it apparently can rival if not surpass higher quality speaker system. I don't know how exactly this works, but it is still a cool idea no matter how unrealistic it is. Seriously, playing music using 20,000 volts. But to read about it doesn't truly convey how cool it is without seeing it. So obviously I am supplying a little video of a lady gaga song being completely electrified.

On a side note, I just found out that I missed the Evangelion 2.0 Movie. Totally bummed out about that. Can you guys tell me if you have seen it how good it was. IF it is worth buying when and if it hasnt already come out if I should.

Wow, My own blog

Okay, so I created a new blog and it is gonna be pretty freakin awesome. I am gonna probably post some information and random stuff that I come across. Mostly this is gonna be about advances in science, technology, electronics, and other crap. Hopefully all my friends who pushed me to create this will enjoy reading this so we can grow together. All the while learning about stuff.